Fitness Training and Obstacle Racing

Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right

I believe this quote (Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right) is a powerful statement on success and failure in all aspects of life. The quote goes along nicely with the Podcast that I released on Bullying; in our own minds we can create negative or positive power that can shape our lives.

If you believe something can’t be done, quite often that mindset will have you working short of your potential or holding back when you should be pushing forward. We all suffer from this mindset which makes one on one training quite powerful beyond just form and technique.

A good fitness coach will make you go for an extra repetition or add weight when you think you’ve had enough. A trainer will always prioritize form and technique but will know when to skirt the line to give you maximum results without getting you injured.

Do you notice when you are competing against someone how much harder you are willing to work? One minute you may have thought one weight as your maximum until you face off against someone who is stronger, and you force a new maximum. That’s the power of group training and a nice perk of one on one training.

If you think you can conquer obstacles that are seemingly impossible to some people, you’ll be right. Sure, we all fail at things in life but if we believe in ourselves and our potential enough, we can overcome that failure and win. People that find great success in sports and work are often the ones that believed in their journey since they began and pushed until they reached their goal; They worked like they were already where they wanted to be and had such clear vision it became reality.

You Can!

My message in this is simple: Whether you think you can or can’t – you’re right. So, start believing that you can. You can give up the things you need to that are unhealthy in your life. You can accept what life has given you and work to be the best that you can be. Everything is within your power to fail or succeed and it starts with your mindset.

The one thing I don’t like to hear on course is, “I can’t.” I would rather hear, “I’ll try.” If you try and fail, you try again another day until you succeed and then you find something else to try for.

At your next class, whether it’s mobility or a boot camp, tell yourself that you can and try to make it a reality. Envision yourself being successful and that success will find you.

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