Vitchelo Head Lamp

I have five different head lamps from different brands that I have collected over the years. For the Midnight Race held at Mont Cascades in Quebec I decided to take my Vitchelo Head Lamp.

This head lamp has a couple of ups and downs. Well one big down: It’s bulky. If you wanted to have something lightweight and compact on your head it isn’t the best head lamp. I also have a hunting head lamp which I debated on using because it is quite small and easy to forget.

The brightness of the Vitchelo won out in the end. It’s akin to having a spot light shining down on the trail and it made a big difference in my race. I didn’t slow down on the downhills or uphill because I was confident in my footing. There were a couple of near falls on some rocky road that came out of nowhere (we’re talking half a foot or larger stones) but I kept safe. Part of that is due to the weightlessness I use on the trail when running. I rarely commit all my weight to one foot and am turning over my feet fast enough that even if I did hit a bad spot, I’d be gone as my foot rolled, preventing serious damage.

A second big perk is that the headlamp is water proof and durable. I’ve dropped it on pavement several times and I haven’t had any problems with it so far. I’ve run in the rain, jumped in water and it hasn’t blown up or sparked out.

The Vitchelo comes with a red light. It functions at the press of a button (there is a button for red light and white light). This can be a nice feature when you want to make sure you’re using red light and not having to cycle through multiple colors. The red light is fairly bright but won’t wreck your night vision.

Keep in mind this review comes with the knowledge that you aren’t planning to spend a lot of money. There are some other great head lamps but they are quite a bit more expensive. The Vichelo is a great price point for what you get.

Overall if you need a head lamp that’s water proof and provides a great light source at a good price, check it out. If you want something a little smaller and compact, there are better options.

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