Taking Care of Nutrition – Step 9

I hope you’ve been able to use some of the steps I’ve blogged about to make some changes in your life. Remember to take each step one a step at a time and not to implement everything at once. Over the last couple of months you should have seen some dramatic changes if you followed along.

The next step is eating mostly vegetables as your snack. The good news is that you can eat vegetables to your hearts desire and you don’t have to worry too much about gaining weight. The odds of you overeating vegetables (without dip) are pretty unlikely. Add some hummus to your meal if you feel like you’re always hungry. Hummus is a great source of fiber and is packed with good nutrients. Costco sells large tubs of hummus quite cheap so I recommend you check it out if you aren’t eating hummus as part of your snack already. It’s a quick dip that is fairly high in calories but dipping shouldn’t throw you off course (not like a cookie at the coffee shop downstairs).

Keep following along and making the changes!

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