Taking care of Nutrition – Step 7

It’s been six weeks and hopefully you’re rocking some results already. If not, have you been following the advice given since week one? Don’t be afraid to go back and look so you are sure you’re still following all the steps so far.

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If you look online you’ll find plenty of fad diets that are going on even now. People claiming that they are getting incredible results with extreme changes in their lives. And they probably are. One popular trend right now is a ketogenic diet (including almost no carbs in your diet and surviving mostly on fat and some protein). A ketogenic diet is great for someone who trains three times a week at moderate intensities and spends the rest of their time on the couch. But if you want to really get after your goals and you’re nailing two hard workouts a week and a few easier workouts, your body needs the glycogen from carbs. This is especially true if you do anything that involves high intensity training.

Most people who start a kenogenic diet, lost a ton of weight, feel the best they have in decades, only to find themselves right back in that spot a year later. Why? Because we can’t maintain that lifestyle forever.

My goal is to teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good weight for life. That’s why I’m putting this nutrition step program in place for one easy step at a time. If you can make these small changes and keep them, you can keep them for life. Of course cheating will happen and you’ll indulge a little, but you should always come back to these steps after a night of poor choices.

If you struggle with one step, take an extra week before moving on. There’s no rush if the finish line is old age and you want to get there.

Step 7

Step 7 is to eat your meals with a small plate or bowl. That means those large plates and big deep bowls that you love so much can be moved to storage. Eating from a small plate will help you control your portion sizes and make you feel like you’re getting a full meal even if you’re getting less than usual. This is a great way to feel like you’re loading up when there’s only so much room to spare on the plate. You always have the option to go up for more, but wait 10 – 20 minutes before you do and see if you’re still actually hungry. Chances are you’ll feel satisfied with less.

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