Taking Care of Nutrition – Step 6

Step 6 – Don’t eat Carbs late at night

I hope the plan is working for you and you’re seeing the benefits of more sleep, better hydration and cutting down on unnecessary sugar. Your brain is probably thanking you right now as the insulin spikes have begun to subside and the belly fat slowly comes off. Don’t be in a big rush to see results. Keep making the changes and the results will come.

As promised the steps would get slightly more difficult. This step depends on what time you go to bed and when you get home. I want you try pick a time of night that’s reasonable for you to eat only fat or protein. That’s right, I’m not telling you to cut out all food later in the evening. But keep it to high fat or high protein only. That means nuts, avocado, eggs, etc. are all good options.

If you are home by 5pm and have no workout planned for the night, then have your dinner and call that the end of your carbs. If you work out in the evening you may need to make your last meal later so you can go home and have something to eat to replace lost glycogen and take in protein to maximize muscle gain. But make sure you’re working out hard if you’re going to eat hard. Don’t go through the motions of some bicep curls and bench press at the gym and expect to eat a burger and fries washed down with ice cream. I can guarantee no 45 minute workout in the gym burned that many calories. And make sure you combine this step with the steps you’ve already spent weeks working on.

Failing one step means taking a step back. If you aren’t getting enough sleep you need to make changes in your life so that you can. Working out hard requires a recovery process that can only happen when you sleep.


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