Taking Care of Nutrition – Step 4

You spent a week putting your goals together. Then you spent a week drinking lots of water and finally included a lot of required sleep. Right? If you haven’t mastered those steps hopefully you are still working on it.

In step 4 we are going to focus on accountability. I’m sure you’ve heard all these things before and I doubt anything that comes up in the steps I’m going to offer are going to be mind-busting new. But if you haven’t worked at putting them all together over time that might be why you still are where you are. Now is the time to tell someone about your goals, tell them when you want to reach your goals and ask for their help.

When someone is paying attention to what you eat (especially someone who lives at home with you or someone at work who sits with you at the lunch table) they can easily ask about why you’re eating it. That question alone should spark some questions of your own: is that actually good for me?

If you aren’t sure, do some research and find out. What does that food offer you? The goal this week is to answer all questions posed by the people you are accountable to and if you can’t answer it look it up. The more you know about your body and the way it processes food the better off you’ll be.

My two suggestions for people to tell (you don’t need to jump on your social media and send it to the world – 99.9999% of whom will not follow up with you) are your significant other or someone you live with and your co-worker.

Here is what you ask of them:
1. “I am trying to lose weight and slowly change my life for the best. Would you be willing to help me?”
2. “I want to make these changes slowly over time so you don’t have to criticize everything I eat, but please keep asking me how things are going and what the benefit of eating what I’m eating is.”
3. “If you see me eating something wildly inappropriate or talking about going out to get fast food for lunch, please inquire with me about the nature of the fast food and if it’s my best option.”
4. “If there are days when I’m frustrated and in tears, let me have my tears. But tomorrow is a new day and I will still need your help. Don’t give up on me unless I genuinely ask you to.”
5. “Please do not buy anything that might hurt my diet. If you want something you consider cheating for yourself, here is a cupboard you can put it in and I won’t go into it.”

I could go on and I’m sure you can think of a few questions of your own. But you get the idea. Some days will be harder than others. Some days you will cheat on your meal. But bouncing back and doing it right is important and keeping your goals in your heart are equally important.

One more quick tip for cheating on your diet: If you do it, there should be a consequence. You can add burpees as part of your daily workout routine for 3 days after a day of cheating, or you could deny yourself something you really enjoy because you haven’t earned it. Earning things and losing things should go hand in hand. Success will breed more success.

Get out there and find someone who won’t let you get away with it, won’t let you buy it, and won’t go out and buy it for you!

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