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Spartan Super – Calabogie Ottawa

Wasn’t I supposed to learn not to take off too fast after the Dead End Race? It turns out I didn’t learn a lot after all. At Spartan Super Age Group division, I went out knowing that I usually place top 10 in age group so I should be able to stick with the top 10. Big mistake. I went out too hard, ran out of steam and although had a good result finishing second in my age for a silver medal, I didn’t feel great about the race.

What I learned:

  • It’s easy to go fast in the beginning but if you can’t keep it up and you red line early, you’ll fight it the rest of the race.
  • When flipping over the A-frame, make sure your gels aren’t on your side or near your front. Without knowing it, I did a flip over the net to save a few seconds and crushed my gels so they splattered all over my waste belt.
  • If you have crushed gels on your body, you may attract wasps that will follow you for several km’s.
  • This strategy may help you stay in the moment during a race, most notably if you’re allergic
  • Timing chips can break off the bracelet they give you. Thankfully I noticed it happen and jammed it into my gel drained waste belt.
  • Finishing well in your age group doesn’t mean you’ll feel good about your race. It’s hard to describe how a good race should feel but it wasn’t that
  • If you have to stick around the event to get on the podium, go practice some spear throws so you don’t lost 2 minutes in your next race
  • You can get to the point where running downhill hurts aerobically too – it’s not always fear of falling that slows you down
  • Spartan Canada hasn’t had any new ideas in a really long time

Despite finishing second in my age, I was disappointed with my overall race time and how far off the elite men’s time I was. While I didn’t expect to get too close to Samuel (who won the men’s elite), I was hoping to be within 10 – 15 minutes of him but he really crushed me in this race. The first place age group winner in my age also beat me by a lot.

Back to the drawing board. Back to racing and training. I still love it out there.

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