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Pre-Season Kickoff at Dead End Race Winter 2019

Where did time go? I pretty much slacked off all last season and didn’t write much about my experience, nor did I update the site. Now that I have more time due to a career change (from owner of Soldiers of Fitness to Carleton University Administrator) I should be writing more often.

The 2019 OCR pre-season kicked off with an obstacle course winter race called the Dead End Race. It’s a winter race I decided to do with my kids Matthew and James instead of competing at the elite level. That’s why I say it kicked off the pre-season and not the actual season (which kicks off with a half marathon trail race in Wakefield in early May ). The family heat race didn’t disappoint but I have a lot of pride for my kids so that made the race so much better.

We kicked off the race in a heat of our own choosing. By the time we arrived at the event the busy heats were gone so the organizers didn’t mind if the kids jumped in on an adult heat with twenty people in it. You’d think we wouldn’t pass too many adults but by the end of the race we had passed many adults from heats that left 20 minutes before us.

The kids did awesome with all the climbing and walls. They struggled a bit with a tire pull (and were fine when they worked together to get it done) and the Hercules hoist (they weren’t heavy enough to even budge it and could have rope climbed it if they wanted to – essentially you have to hand-over-hand pull a heavy object to the top) was a bit out of their ability. They feared the dragon’s back even after we spent 10 minutes with me repeating how simple it was – it’s in your mind more than it’s hard. The rings were set 8’ above the ground and raised and lowered through the obstacle so they struggled with that, but they didn’t seem to mind failing – it’s a pretty relaxed race.

We finished the 6km OCR race in just over an hour, which I thought was great. We only stopped a couple of times for walk breaks. For myself it was probably a highlight race that I absolutely loved because I got to do it with the two of them. I didn’t fail any obstacles or struggle anywhere but that was expected – if there were more advanced obstacles they were changed out before we raced.

I’m looking forward to this season and training to be the best that I can be. I have some long marathon length races and I hope to podium in my age group, but it’s hard to know who will show up and how I will perform given the last year I haven’t trained a lot due to the number of hours I spent running my company.

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