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Caffeine is a hot topic and recently more approved than not by fitness and nutrition professionals. Until I had kids, I hadn’t drank a single coffee. I believed it was a diuretic (which it is) and should be avoided (which it doesn’t have to be). That all changed for me when I discovered what being tired really felt like and what constantly being on the go at almost all times of day would do to me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my family and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Recent research suggests the boost from caffeine can be helpful for workouts but to be careful if you aren’t a coffee drinker already, especially before an event. That means leading up to a race, I can drink coffee like I usually do because my body is used to it and the odds of serious side effects are lessened. Being a coffee drinker I can also drink an extra coffee and it won’t affect me like it will someone who doesn’t drink at all. For the most part there isn’t a big need to focus on re-hydrating after drinking coffee for those who are regular coffee drinkers – it’s when you go overboard or you aren’t used to it that you need extra hydration.

Whether you believe in drinking coffee or not, I received the Ninja Coffee Bar as a fathers day gift and it is awesome. The only thing it can’t do is blend beans, but you’re better off getting a separate attachment for that purpose. I love this machine far more than any K-cup or Tassimo design. It’s easier to clean, makes far better tasting and fresh coffee and this particular machine comes with some specialty ice coffee’s and a frother.

I recently made a Vanilla Latte iced coffee and it was amazing. You do need this machine to make it (or a variation on it) but here is what I used to keep it a little less calorie expensive:

2 tablespoons of Vanilla Reduced Sugar Cream (40 total calories)
180ml of lactose free 2% milk (or use regular 2% milk)
8 Ice Cubes crushed
Coffee beans (I used starbucks True North)

Here is how you make it:
Add chopped ice and vanilla sugar in a coffee mug
Place coffee beans in coffee machine and press the “specialty coffee” button
Mix and stir
Froth milk with coffee machine frother
Combine frothed milk in mug with everything else

Voila! Amazing tasting Vanilla Ice Cold Latte at a 147 calories (mostly from milk fat and protein)

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