Goal Setting Strategies – Week 1 of 4 Weeks

Trying to hit your goals? Here is a week worth of tips to help you out.

Day 1: Don’t worry about what other people think. It doesn’t matter where you are starting, it’s about your journey forward. Not doing something because other people might judge you is not the best strategy for reaching your goals and waiting until you lose weight or get in shape to get back into real training will probably keep you in the same shape.

Day 2: Do something toward your goals every day. Seven days a week you can work on your goal. That doesn’t mean training the same movements over and over again (although depending on your goal that might be okay), it’s about knowing the major and minor muscle groups involved and building them up; or working on mobility and flexiblity of joints involved in the movement. Every day there is a little something you can do if you break your goal down enough to do it.

Day 3: Break every goal down into its tiny components so you can work on them. A muscle-up requires pull power, push power, transition power, explosive power, etc. Every muscle in the upper body and some in the lower body are involved in the movement and developing all of them in key ways is important.

Day 4: Hip Clocks. How to do them and why they are important in hip mobility and movement.

Day 5: Time based goals: How do you train when you want to do something for a set period of time. Doing something as long as you can, then trying to do it longer next time isn’t the most efficient method.

Day 6: Push-ups. How to regress the push-up if you’re trying to build up to your first full push-up.

Stay tuned for more in week 2 and get your goals in to me if you want to see them broken down in small steps.

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