Fitness Training and Obstacle Racing

Death by Hills

Some workouts are tough. Others take a bite out of your soul. Yesterday I ran some hills. 2 x hill repeats. That doesn’t sound so bad right? Right up until you find out those hill repeats are a mile each at 15% incline on the treadmill and heart rate zone 3. If that doesn’t kill you, nothing will. It’s one thing to do it in a race, and it’s another to do it in training on your own.

On the bright side it’s the type of training you put out once in a while to adapt to some of the race event hills you’ll come across. Not all my training kills me. If you love Spartan races you must love running hills so being prepared for a hill is an asset. I try to think of myself as a strong hill runner so when I race I think I have the edge on everyone when the hills start. It might not be true but I certainly pass a lot of people. It’s psychological as much as it’s real. Race positions are won and lost with an abundance of, or lack of, confidence.

If you want a heart stopping, gut checking, ball busting, vomit inducing workout, here it is:

2 x hill repeats
1 mile per hill at 15% incline on the treadmill
Rest between hills until heart rate recovers to 120 bpm while walking backwards on the treadmill
Run the hills at heart rate zone 3. That’s different for everyone but puts me in the 175 – 179 category when maxed out.

Have fun!

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