Fitness Training and Obstacle Racing

Dead End Race – 4 Hour Infinity

Everything seemed great until I arrived at the venue. My legs felt tired and my mind lethargic. I can’t explain why. I did all the things I do to prepare for a race but it wasn’t working for me this time. Despite that, I knew when the race started anything was possible.

What I learned on this race:

  • Be at the front of the pack 10 minutes prior to the race start or you’ll be waiting in line while the front runners are gone.
  • Dead End Race uses ladders that are taped for grip. Great to hold on to, not so good when you don’t want your hands shredded
  • This race had some good obstacles, especially the final obstacle that had water pouring onto it to make it more challenging
  • When the guys setting up in the transition zone look really fast, they just might be.
  • Muscle cramps are not a result of dehydration and sodium, it’s based more on preparation and exhaustion. If you go too hard for too long, your body may not agree with the work you’re putting it through
  • Mustard can help with cramps because it tricks your brain and sends different signals down your spinal column
  • Race courses aren’t exactly like the map. What might look like an east to west zigzag on the mountain just might turn into an up and down the mountain.

I placed seventh overall. Not the finish I wanted but I had fun during the race until the cramping started. If I could change one thing about the race it would have been to start a bit slower and not worry about where the race leaders were. My body slowed me down quite a bit after the second lap.

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