Dads Super Awesome Stew

I made this stew for dinner yesterday. I have since called this stew (of which I have made it in several variations) Dad’s Super Awesome Stew. But the stew isn’t really the point of why I’m writing this. The point is that I have very little idea of what actually went into it. That’s why I said it has many variations. I added pork at some point and it definitely has potatoes and vegetables, but I don’t get hung up on ingredients.

I believe sometimes people don’t eat well because they don’t know how to cook well. Great intentions will only get you so far, just like the new recipe book you might have purchased with recipes and ingredients you haven’t the faintest idea of where to get.

I’ve looked at recipes in cookbooks before and closed the book after seeing fifteen ingredients I’d never heard of. I don’t have that much time in the grocery store every week and it’s a hard way to start a healthy eating plan.

The point of this is to say, add in food you know is good for you, blend and serve.

In this stew I unloaded most of the vegetables, potatoes and cabbage from the fridge into a stir fry pan. I added all kinds of flavor, some including avocado oil, butter, garlic salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, etc. Then I cooked the pork in a separate pot and added most of the same flavor until the meat whitened. I added it all together into one large pot, threw in some water and beef broth and I had a very good stew.

And you can do the same. Don’t always get stuck on ingredients and needing to hit perfect numbers. Grab what you have that’s healthy and throw it in a pot. You might be surprised how deliciously healthy it will turn out.


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