Avocado – Nature’s Super Food

There’s a lot of controversy in nutrition but the one thing the majority of nutritionists and eating programs include is Avocado. For all the people that say they don’t have time for a proper snack and need to eat a cookie or a pastry, here is a snack you can prepare in roughly 8 seconds. Yes it’s high in fat, but it’s the fat you want to fuel your body and mind with. Don’t leave it out of your diet. If you don’t like the texture try it in a dip (guacamole if you make it yourself), or cook it with a mix of other vegetables in avocado oil and put it in a container for the next day.

Calories – 160 (per 100grams)
Fat – 15G
Carbs – 9G (7G from fiber)
Protein – 2G

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