Alive In Nature Podcast Episode 8 with Sara-Clare Lajeunesse

Listen in on Episode 8 where I interview Sara Lajeunesse from Agatsu fitness about mobility. Why is it important and where is a good place to begin in our fitness journey?


The interview begins with me thanking Sara Lajeunesse and Shawn Mozen from Agatsu for inspiring me to be a better Instructor and learn more about fitness.

Sara talks about her fitness background in tap dance and ballet.
– She got into movement when she couldn’t do a push-up and realized she wasn’t strong everywhere
– She took courses in Kinesiology to have a backup plan

Sara spent 12 years as a performer touring around the world.

*You don’t need to be on the floor dead after every workout

Movement and working out should never be a punishment – it should pick you up

Commit to a year of any discipline to learn from it and find out what it can do for you and if you want to continue it

*You can’t have everything all the time, all at once

Sara works in 4 week cycles of her training because she travels a lot. This way she can train handstands and other movements when she’s on the road

She trains to fill a void in her life (sport related) – she doesn’t want to go so far in one direction that she isn’t good at anything else.

*Training should fill a void, not create a void.

What are the first steps when you’re just getting off the couch?

  • The first step in the movement pyramid is recovery. If you don’t have the capacity to recover from the workout, you shouldn’t do the workout yet. Are you sleeping and eating well enough? Is your stress level low enough?
  • Paluna Santamaria works with Agatsu to correct nutrition
  • Build neurological training through light mobility work, then progress to movements
  • Be active and part of the community so your training is a positive force in your life
  • Second step is mobility
  • Third step is strength
  • Fourth step is endurance

What is Agatsu and what is it all about? Check them out at https://www.agatsu.com/

The assessment course is long over as of the posting of this Podcast Episode – sorry to those that might have been interested in it.

What is mobility? Your ability to control yourself in a given range of motion. It’s composed of stability and flexibility. Are your restrictions hardware or software (your body or your brain preventing the movements)?

Ask yourself if you can accomplish five simple movements: squat, hinge, push-up, rotate, pull

Work in isolation first, then work in coordination

You don’t have to squat down to your calf to live a happy and healthy life. Pick the squat that works for you. Spinal position is your biggest consideration – you need to maintain a good spinal position through your squat.

When warming up, don’t put your blinders on. Warm up the movements that you need for your workout. Neurological warm-ups (coordination) is a great way to start a workout after an isolation warm-up. Vary your tools (or use your body).

Three of her favorite warm-ups: light clubs, juggling, jump rope

Complete single leg or single side movements

Ask yourself – what is healthy and rewarding for you? Remember your training should be adding to your life, not taking away from it

Sara’s answers to the final questions:

Favorite place you have traveled to: Iceland or Bali

Where would you like to go that you haven’t gone to: Mongolia

Favorite piece of gear: Sports bra

Favorite adventure: Anything I can do with my kids

Guilty Nutrition Pleasure: Popcorn (Caramel, Cheese, Lots of butter)

Favorite Healthy Food: Roasted Vegetables with some protein

Get in touch with Sara or Shawn at Agatsu: www.agatsu.com

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