Taking care of Nutrition Step 10 – Setbacks

Nutrition and setbacks should be synonymous; That’s the way it seems when most people discuss their nutrition. Everything was going great then something happened in their life or they got sick and everything fell apart. That, or they picked a fad diet that went well for a while but wasn’t sustainable.

The majority of nutritional changes people make in their lives doesn’t last long enough for those changes to become lifestyle habits. Somewhere in the back of their mind people are still thinking about all the terrible things out there that they -have- to avoid – you know, those delicious treats that we shouldn’t be eating.

There are a few strategies to help you battle this and ways to come back from it.

Let’s talk bouncing back first.

Bouncing Back

I find the best way to sort out your nutrition is to start writing things down. Track what you eat throughout the day so you start thinking about what you’re eating. Serving sizes don’t have to be perfect, just estimate and get it on paper. You’ll find by tracking your food intake, you start to make better choices or avoid bad choices.

Second, write out your goals. Long term goals and short term. Post those goals in your car and on your fridge. For visual people, this will help reinforce better decisions. Writing your goals is a simple and effective way to get headed in the right direction.

Third, review what you’ve done already. You can take a look at past articles relating to this blog and start adding those tips back into your daily habits. You can make a few of the changes that were working for you prior to things falling apart.

If you can get through those three steps, you can get back on track. The real question is how important it is to you. Remember it’s not just about body fat and image and clothing sizes; It’s also about joint integrity, heart health and well-being.

Battle Back

There are a lot of reasons people stop eating well (or eat too much). I think one of the biggest reasons is the number of holidays we have when engorging seems like the appropriate response. You’re supposed to live your life, right? How can you not enjoy the holidays? How can you not celebrate with friends and family? Here are just a couple of the holidays that are holding you back (in no particular order):

New Years
Valentines Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Mothers / Fathers Day

With a list like that there are as many reasons to eat poorly as there are months in a year. If you let all of these occasions be reasons to eat poorly for a few days, the odds are against you. The problem becomes not only the holiday or occasion itself, but the likely carryover of poor nutrition afterwards.

Worst case scenario if you decide to let go during all of these occasions, at least be prepared to get back on track directly afterward. Mark it on your calendar and mark the next day as, “Clean eating,” or “Eating proper portions.”

If you can do that, you’re well on your way to long term success.

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