The Midnight Race Review

The Midnight Race is over and it was one of my favorite so far. That might have a lot to do with my third-place finish, which is a big motivator. Third place in any race is a great feeling even if the field wasn’t stacked like a lot of other OCR races. And to boost my confidence even more, I was only 9 seconds behind second place. I’d say in the competitive field this race ranks about as low as you go. One step above this and you get the local trail runners that are quite fast and another step above that and you get the likes of Ryan Atkins and other elite runners.

If you haven’t already checked out the race, look here. It’s a 5km night race up a mountain with 17 obstacles in the way. At first I thought the 17 obstacles might be lame since it was a small race, but they didn’t disappoint.

The atmosphere at the venue was great. There were plenty of fires to keep warm. We were able to be as comfortable as we wanted because the ski resort was open (including washrooms). I was a little chilled at first but once we started warming up and jogging around I felt great.

The best part of a night race is racing at night in the dark. Headlights were mandatory but I didn’t mind at all. It was still dark enough to be dangerous enough to be an awesome race. There were tough obstacles along the way like rope climbs, a more advanced rig traverse than I’ve seen at Spartan Race and plenty of other traditional obstacles. I felt strong through the race and our OCR team crushed our running heat by being the top three in that race heat. Overall the team did awesome and finished injury free and feeling good about the race. I doubled back after my race to finish with some of the Soldiers of Fitness members that were also running and got another few km’s up the mountain as a bonus.

I will add this to my race list for 2018 if they run it again. It’s a great training run and a lot of fun.


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