• Ninja Coffee Bar

    Caffeine is a hot topic and recently more approved than not by fitness and nutrition professionals. Until I had kids, I hadn’t drank a single coffee. I believed it was a diuretic (which it is) and should be avoided (which it doesn’t have to be). That all changed for me when I discovered what being […]

  • Innov8 X-Talon 212

    There are a lot of trail shoes out there and I haven’t tried them all. But of the trail shoes that I have tried, I have loved the Innov8 Xtalon 212 the most for my obstacle course racing and trail running. Here are a few reasons why: The 212 comes with a light breathable mesh. […]

  • Salmon on an open flame

    You can’t beat the sizzle of meat as it cooks on an open flame. And it’s really easy to do. For our gear review, check outdoor deluxe boiler. It’s cheap to purchase and can make a lot of your camping meals really easy. Some fire pits in parks come with a a grill you can […]