Alive in Nature Episode 7 – Bully Rant

In this episode I rant a bit about bullies. After my son is bullied at a summer hockey camp, he decides he doesn’t want to play hockey anymore. As an update to this rant, since I recorded it a long time ago, Matthew made Novice A hockey and is enjoying his season as a goalie. But I not only talk about external bullies. I talk about all sides of the picture and how I think we can make a change. I also rant a little about internal bullies and how we bully ourselves onto the couch and out of being fitter. Our inner dialogue demon can be our greatest strength or our greatest weakness.

This episode takes a few twists but I hope you get something out of it.

A few things I talk about:
Bullying – the bullied, bully and audience
External physical bullying
External emotional bullying
Internal bullying (how we talk to ourselves)

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